As a new Authorized Agent of FILAM you only need to focus on two things; sharing the FilAm Phone Service with your friends and neighbors and then signing them up for service. It’s that simple.


Marketing the key service you use on a daily basis is the key to success! When others recognize the money you are saving and how satisfied you are with the quality, they will be asking you where to sign up. This can be done through your family, your neighborhood, and your local business community, and/or through your own marketing efforts on the Internet. You can direct prospects to the FILAM Phone Club web site and along with your agent code, your prospects can sign up electronically. You can also sign up people and fax your orders in or simply direct your prospect to our Toll Free Number where they can sign up over the phone with one of our professional customer service representatives. However, the key is to make sure you provide them with your agent code so that you can be paid your commission.

Your commission is based upon residual earning and is generally 5-7.5% of your customer's usage for the life of each account. Residual commissions are paid monthly to all agents. This Agent Program is NOT a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program and therefore our commissions stop at the first level.

Our compensation plan is the most generous in the industry, and easy to understand. The more Family and Friends you get to use the FilAm Phone Service, the higher commission percentage we'll pay you. You start out at earning 5% commission on your own personal sales, with the ability to earn as high as a 10% commission! Again, this opportunity is free. It's available to people of every nation. Let us pay you just for helping your family and friends save money on the products they use everyday: international and domestic long distance.

FILAM reserves the right to terminate the agency of any agent who has failed to accrue any commissions for a 12-month period. Any agent terminated due to 12-months of inactivity will forfeit any claim to previously accrued commissions.

If you would like more information about our Agent Program please contact:

Ricky Figueroa at 1-800-801-7041 ext.49 or email

You can also email the attached Agent Application Form for immediate processing.


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