Upon signing up, a supplementary calling card comes with your membership. This enables you to make calls from any touch-tone phone from over 66 countries worldwide. The same rate applies from anywhere within the U.S.

Billing will be integrated with calls made from your home phone. Additional cards may be requested per membership.

Use this Quick Guide to make calls using your Travel Card:

Which country are you calling to:
Which Area are you calling to: (Shows only areas for Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates)

To make a call from , dial:
After the Prompt, enter your Authorization Code. (If making a call from the US, dial 011 before dialing the numbers below.)
Then dial the following Numbers: + + Phone Number

To make a call from within the US, dial: 1-800-806-4020.

Upon prompt, enter your authorization code.

For international calls:
011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number + #
(example to call 844-2430 in Manila, Philippines, you dial
011 + 63 + 2 + 844-2430 + #

For calls within USA:
1 + Area Code + Phone Number
(example to call 383-2383 in Los Angeles, CA, you dial
1 + 213 + 383-2383)

If you make a mistake dialing, press the * key to start again.
If you wish to place another call, press ## (twice), wait for the new dial tone, then dial your desired number.

For language prompts other than English:
1. Dial the International Toll-Free number for the country you are in (refer to list on left).
2. Upon prompt, enter your authorization code.
3. Press * (star key) then the selected language code:

0 English
5 Russian
1 Tagalog  
6 Japanese
2 Chinese
7 Spanish
3 Thai
8 French
4 Portuguese
9 Korean

Using your Touch-Tone Home Phone
List of Rates (from U.S. to worldwide)
List of Country Codes
List of Philippines Area Codes



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