With direct-dial ease, the PowerUser1+ Plan gives you the convenience along with member benefits from our affiliates.

PowerUser1+ Direct Dial Plan

• FREE Phone Switching included
• Philippines - 17.9¢/ min. (land line)
• US Domestic - 3.9¢ anytime with 6 secs. increment
• FREE Worldwide Travel Card
• FREE Detailed Monthly Invoice
• FREE Account Code Setup
- for easy tracking of each family member's calls
• Quick Connect#
• Speed Dial
• FREE Connections Newsletter
• No more 1-800 or 10-10 numbers to dial

• Member benefits and discounts through our affiliates

This is ideal if you are a high volume user, both US domestic and International Long Distance. With this plan, you now have the convenience of dialing direct without 1-800 or 10-10 numbers or authorization codes to memorize. A $3.99 monthly fee gives you added member benefits and discounts through our affiliates.

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